Tracey Ellis Graphic Designer

Tracey Ellis  Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer 

I have been a Graphic Designer for 13 years working in many different capacities.

It’s fantastic working at Art’s Edge. Besides the team being knowledgeable and dedicated they are also really fun and friendly. My work here has been diverse, gaining a vast experience of both the framing and art reproduction through Terraze employing me in other areas of the business.  I’m really happy to be able to help Art’s Edge grow. I am a person of diverse interests, a vegetarian & animal lover, a passionate conservationist, fitness fanatic & gym junkie.  I love illustration, and have now progressed to doing most of my artwork on the computer, either in Illustrator or airbrushed in Photoshop. Spare time finds me working out or riding my motorbike with its beautiful custom artwork whenever I can.