Art Reproduction

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Art Reproduction

Arts Edge specialise in the documentation and reproduction of fine art. The studio uses only the best and most current camera and lighting equipment. Arts Edge maintains a close working relationship with Dr Les Walking* in order to maintain the highest possible standards. Les Walking is one of the most prominent figures in the art reproduction industry knowledge base in Australia.

High Resolution Photography

To capture the finest details and most delicate colours, a high resolution and dynamic range camera system is required. Our camera system for reprographic work is modular to fit into a range of capturing configurations and our Weapon of Choice is the Hasselblad H5D-50 Medium Format.

Digitization of art or even delicate items requires a specialist touch

At Arts Edge we specialise in reproducing your artwork whether it be acrylic, oil, resin, objects or artwork with protrusions and reflective areas. Different artwork requires specialist techniques and camera and lighting equipment. Trust us to reproduce your artwork and give it the feeling and depth of the original. Your copies should do your artwork justice and preserve the details, colour, depth and vibrancy of the original.

Art Reproduction

Photographing artwork professionally takes a considerable amount of setup up time. We have gone to a lot of effort to make our set up minimal, which in turn reduces reproduction costs. We have designed and built three capture systems in order to reduce set up times. The first involves shooting artwork under 80cm; the second involves artwork from 80cm to 150cm; and thirdly we have a multiple capture solution for artworks over 150cm. Image Capture is only the beginning. Scene calibration, camera focus and lighting require extensive set up times. Before the capture image can go to print consideration must be given to postproduction and file preparation.

Are you a printer or have your own image digital technician? We can do all or part of your project. Should you choose to use us for image capture only, your file will be provided uncropped with everything required to process the artwork by a digital professional. No one else in WA can offer the quality of reproduction we are offering, to museum standards. Our Hasselblad system paired with our studio lighting set up, training and experience, is second to none.

Contact us to find out more.

The more information you can provide on your artwork reproduction project, the more we can prepare when we respond to your enquiry. Information such as size of original artwork, what media it is on, type of finish, (gloss/matt/mixed), how large you would like the reproduction and what media intended reproduction will be reproduced on, (canvas/paper/acrylic/metal). We can guide you with all of these answers if you are unsure.

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