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Our Digital design team have years of experience in the field of image manipulation. It encompasses a broad range of skills and includes but is not limited to collage layout, photo editing, word collage, colour correction, photo restoration, art reproduction and album design. Corporate or personal, our digital services could be just what your project needs. We offer Competitive pricing for a professional service.

Revive your old or damaged photographs

We are dedicated to the digital restoration and presentation of your precious photographic memories. Photos are a visual reminder of past experiences, important events and special people that have influenced and shaped our lives. We all take great pleasure in displaying our favourite photos, but it is not practical to have them all individually displayed. In some cases older photos, that we would love to have on show, are faded or damaged and can’t be used.

An artistic touch to your memories

With Album design we will have your photos looking amazing on the page, there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to album design. It isn’t just about placing photos on a page, its a story that has to be told correctly.

Design is one of the most important aspects of digital project. Custom created collage designs for any occasion will bring the event to life. Collages are a great way to display many images in one frame.

Word Art is a very personalised art form. If you have seen something you want to recreate, bring it to us or let us design from scratch. Together we can create something to be treasured.

Pop art is a modern way to make that statement with your favourite photos. Done well, Pop art can brighten up any wall, and bring your loved ones to life!

Our Digital Services


Art Repro

We work with some of Australia’s leading artists and, using our state for the art equipment, we are able to produce outstanding reproductions that match the original as close as possible. Reproductions are not limited to art, we can reproduce large original photographs (of course only where copyright has expired), then once reproduced, digital restoration can applied.

Digital Restoration

Trust us with your restoration project and we guarantee the results. We will give you a quote on sighting the damaged original or scan, with a realistic guide to what can be done on what budget. At minimum an initial high resolution scan with the correct settings can preserve your image for future restoration, before any further degradation occurs to the original.

Digital Design

Digital Design is an all encompassing skill. Wether it is Album design, vectorising, collage design, word art or pop art, we can create what you need to a professional standard. Vectorising simple drawings or logos is a tedious skilled task, bring us your project to see what can be done.

Photo Editing

Our photo retouching experts use the same programs that advertising agencies use to retouch your photos like they do in magazines. If you provide us with a high-resolution we will retouch the digital photo and print as desired. (enhanced photos are the same or better resolution as the original image).

It’s essential that you visit Arts Edge, for the most professional framing, printing and photo enlargements in Joondalup, Western Australia. Call us on 1300 793 894 to find out more.

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