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At Arts Edge Photo & Frame we have been using Mirona mirror glass for over 10 years with excellent results.
MIRONA TV Glass is a stylish-looking metamorphosis glass that fulfills two different functions and delivers effects that are simply unbelievable. In front of a light background, MIRONA appears as a transparent pane of glass. In front of a dark surface (such as a flat panel TV), it acts as a mirror, providing an aestheticsilvery brilliance.

When quality matters

Museum quality faming is not always required or desired. But what is most important is that we know what it is, how to achieve it and when to apply the museum standards.

At Arts Edge Photo & Frame we will ask you questions about your artwork being framed to be able to offer advice on the minimum framing standards recommended for your needs.

Museum quality framing provides a level of protection against environmental pollutants and the effects of the degradation of framing products for a period up to 35 years in normal conditions. Museum framing is suited to museum-quality works and artwork requiring preservation. This includes artwork of high monitory value and artwork of actual or potential historical value. At this level all processes relating to the art must be fully reversible and all materials must be benign. Ideally a Guild framer or conservator should examine the frame every five years. It is the responsibility of us, the framer to recognize when artwork may require special treatment from specialists such as art conservators and to recommend to the customer appropriately.

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Stunning Picture Frame Mouldings

At Arts Edge we are proud to present this stunning collection of unique hand finished, Italian made, picture frame moulding and photo frames. We believe the aesthetic potential of the Bellini collection will have an immediate and compelling appeal to the most discerning collector. Sourcing only from the most gifted craftsmen, third and fourth generation artisans, embracing traditional ideals and skills to produce the most desirable and dynamic collection of moulding. Each Bellini design is individually sculpted utilising techniques unchanged by centuries, delivering a product of the utmost quality and beauty.

We offer a wide range of mouldings from many other suppliers including Megawood Larson-Juhl.

Our Picture Framing Services


Largest Mouldings Range

Our dedication to the craft of picture framing means having a wide variety of picture framing mouldings to choose from. This ensures our team can always match your artwork to the beautiful frame it deserves.

Hi Tech Machinery

We have the best and safest frame cutting and joining machinery in our industry, allowing us to cut and join larger mouldings, with precision. Our Gunnar AiOX computerized mat cutter allows us to create without compromise, and brings new opportunities to mounting your artwork. It has one of the largest cutting beds available in the industry, allowing us to mount larger artworks.


We offer a large range of glass protection for you artwork. The choice is dependant upon aesthetic and conservation requirements. The glass ranges from UV protection museum grade glass, mat reflection control glass, or the new Clarity, virtually reflection free glass to the standard 2mm plain glass. Come in and let us educate you in the range of glazing options.

Ready Made Frames

At Arts Edge, we have created a popular range of ready-made frames for standard photo sizes. Made right here in our factory, so quality counts. Custom made quality, at ready-made prices.

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