Terraze Ashfold Framer/Photo Finisher

Terraze Ashfold  Framer/Photo Finisher

Framer/Photo FinisherI am a perfectionist and have directed this towards my business and industry. I have a passion for the industry and began this business out of a need to fulfil a dream to enjoy going to work and to never watch the clock! Since then, I now find there is not enough hours in the day with trying to improve our services to our clients.I started my adult life as an apprentice Avionics Technician, studying and practicing on various military helicopters and civilian aircraft for the next 12 years, however it did not fulfil my artistic flair. So when I left the aviation industry to pursue the Digital and Art Display industry 13 years ago I did not look back.  I have made it my aim to study and practice my industry in all aspects and where opportunities presented learn from industry leaders both in Australia and the US. I love my job and make sure my staff loves theirs too! (if not they are too scared not to tell me so!)