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Welcome to our new and improved media uploading tool. Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Click on the “Select File(s)” button and choose your photos Step 2: The files will upload automatically, please wait for all files to reach 100% Step 3: Name and describe each file for your/our records, click Next and wait for the files to be copied on the server. Step 4: Complete the process by filling in your order details for each file, click Submit on all files and the order will be sent automatically.

• We print at 300 DPI at the required size, please make sure your files are large enough to print the required size • We prefer jpeg or tiff however we accept psd and pdf files as well if you cannot convert • As an alternative solution please feel free to email or Dropbox us your files by sharing to and labelling sizes by folders, and naming the shared folder by ‘ArtsEdgeclientsname‘. You can register for a free Dropbox account here • Please note that for large quantities, we recommend Dropbox or other file sharing websites such as WeTransfer. Alternatively you could bring in your images in a USB stick. Once your uploads have been saved, please check below to make ensure that all your files are present in the list. What you see in the list below is what we get at our end.
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